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"These units are important to us, and I think they have played a major role in keeping family and employees healthy!"

Geoff, Business Owner

Easton, CT

"After installing an AIRPHX unit in our Fitness Room, we had independent testing conducted in our spaces on a monthly basis and the reports verify that the unit is nearly 100% effective in the Fitness Room and above 85% effective in the surrounding spaces that are separated by doors that are always closed and on separate HVAC systems. "

John, Chair, Facilities Committee

Active Adult Community, Northern VA

"We love the AIRPHX technology. We have done our own testing and verified its effectiveness. We confirmed excellent log reductions of pathogens not only in the area where the unit was located but also in the gym across the hallway at the point farthest from the unit. "


Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance Clinic, MN.

"We installed a unit in a senior living facility with a severe odor problem. AIRPHX resolved the issue in no time. So, yes, it's going great and we love it!"

Karen - Columbine Health Systems, Colorado

"I can honestly say that the system is working tremendously, because after turning it off in the gym, we had a terrible smell after cardio camp. It does wonders."

Lisa Kostelnik, Franchise Owner

Burn Boot Camp Wexford PA

"We have had our AIRPHX unit installed at Cypress for well over a year. Not only do we benefit from a cleaner and healthier environment for our members, trainers and staff, but almost immediately we noticed how odors were so effectively eliminated – including the smell of body odors in the locker rooms and urine odors in the bathrooms. The improvement was noticed by our members who became huge fans of our decision to install AIRPHX."

Shelley Breslin

Director of Operations - Cypress Fitness, McLean, VA

"I've had exercise-induced asthma for years now, often needing multiple doses from my rescue inhaler during my workouts, when I noticed I was using the inhaler less and less often, often not needing it at all. This all happened after the AIRPHX unit was installed in the gym. I still have trouble exercising outside, but working out in the gym with the AIRPHX is a complete pleasure."

Karen - 10x World Record Holder in Raw Powerlifting, 2 Age Divisions

"We have seen a reduction of odors in the facility. In the morning when we come into the clinic, the room smells fresh. There are times in which we have a high volume of student-athletes who have just completed a workout who bring odors with them, but the smell doesn’t last beyond the time those individuals are in the room."

Andy Carter, MS, ATC

Senior Associate Athletic Trainer - William & Mary

"We wanted to let you know that we are huge fans of our AIRPHX unit. It is the best investment we could have made in connection with our Workout Anytime location. Our members love it! We can tell what a positive difference it makes in providing members with a clean and healthy workout experience."

Stacy Ayers

Owner - Workout Anytime, Port Orange, FL

"After we experienced a staph infection affecting some of our track and field athletes, we looked for ways to reduce the likelihood of a recurrence. We were introduced to AIRPHX and installed a unit in the track and field locker room. Validation testing demonstrated greater than 94% reduction of germs on surfaces and greater than 92% reduction in the air. The staph problem went away and hasn't returned. In fact, there have been no infection issues since we started using AIRPHX."

Assistant Athletic Trainer for Track & Field for an SEC University

"The YMCA of East Tennessee is located in the historic Lindsay Young YMCA building, built in 1929 and the third oldest YMCA in the country. We were looking for better, cost effective ways to disinfect our facility, including reducing mold levels. After obtaining details on the technology from regional AIRPHX representatives with the BSW Group, we were very excited about the opportunity to see the device in action. We were amazed at the results. Pathogens including bacteria, viruses and molds on surfaces were reduced by greater than 98% with reductions of airborne pathogens of greater than 97%. AIRPHX not only delivered as promised, the results wildly exceeded our expectations."

Kim Ballard

Chief Operating Officer - YMCA of East Tennessee

"I wanted to take a moment and provide a (rare) testimonial of your fantastic product. As you know, cleanliness is of the utmost importance in the fitness industry. Our AIRPHX unit really helps keep our Crunch gym in Raleigh smelling fresh and clean. Our members and staff noticed almost immediately after installation. Best of all, this is the worst year on record in Raleigh for pollen, and it's really helped keep our members and employees from having allergy issues. Thanks to you and your team for creating such a great product!"

JD Wright

Chief Financial Office - JF Fitness of North America

"AIRPHX units were installed at Rochester Athletic Club, our first Minnesota installation and largest facility installation to date, with superb results. We are a very family oriented club, we offer a 35,000 square foot family entertainment center (essentially an indoor park) as one of the features of our facility. The health of our kids, families, and all our members are a top priority for us. Cleanliness is one of our company values, and AIRPHX provided the exact solution to keep our members healthy through the long winters we have in Minnesota. Given the size of our club, we were astounded by the scope of coverage AIRPHX technology provided throughout our entire project. We are grateful for the impact AIRPHX has had on our member and employee experience."

Matt Remick

CEO - Rochester Athletic Club

"At University of Tennessee, we have always placed a priority on student athletes’ health and safety. Even with our existing rigorous cleaning protocols, we believed we could see even greater levels of bacteria and virus reductions using AIRPHX, and we were right. AIRPHX resulted in a 40% reduction in germs in our football equipment room which is now considered “clean and acceptable” based on industry standards. And the odors from all the hard to clean equipment like helmets and pads were noticeably reduced."

Roger Frasier

Facility Athletic Equipment Manager - University of Tennessee

"We are deploying AIRPHX units in all of our Kidtown facilities as well as selected equipment, turf and locker room areas in several clubs. Results so far have been very impressive. I’m a huge fan. "

Steve Schwartz

President & CEO - Midtown Athletic Club

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